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real revolutionaries have poker player eyes

Ned Coates
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The real revolutionaries are silent men with poker-player eyes and probably don't know or care if you exist.

Ned Coates is tall Watchman with dark hair, a round face and the eyes of a true, born liar, and he does not back down. Not even if the face of the infamous John Keel, though he had this reasons for that.

He arrives on the island a broken man (his revolution lost to him), fresh from the events of the Glorious 25th in Terry Pratchett's novel, NIGHT WATCH and he brings with him:

1 brown cotton shirt.
1 pair coarse brown breeches.
1 pair appropriate underclothes.
1 pair brown stockings
1 pair brown leather boots (second hand, with cardboard soles)
1 chain mail vest.
1 brown leather belt.
1 shield shaped badge (AMCW 322)
1 custom made truncheon.
1 sword (sharp and in good repair)
1 scabbard.
1 knife, shoved into his boot.
1 iron breastplate
1 helmet, slightly battered.
1 spring of lilac blossom (worn in the band of his helmet).
1 shilling, drilled with a hole, worn on

Carried in his pockets:
1 full pouch of tobacco.
3 opened packets of black rolling papers.
1 pair of wire rimmed spectacles, in case.
1 notebook.
1 pencil stub.
1 unopened letter (return address, a Glorious Coates, Pseudopolis).


Ned Coates is not mine; Pterry has that lovely honour. Paddy Considine can be mine any time he likes.